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About Us
A & C Properties is a Real Estate company not like many others. As we take much pride in buying and selling houses, we feel a more deeper, sincere sense of satisfaction in helping the average citizen obtain the goal of homeownership.
Do You have Bad credit? Have you been working for quite some time at the same job, paying the same rent, living in the same apartment???
A & C Properties can help!
Are you on Section 8, do you have more children than bedrooms, can your dog run outside in a back yard?
A & C properties can help!
Our main goal is to help real peope get into real homes. No matter your situation. It is possible! Stop wasting time, effort and money into people, places, and things--that don't last! Get a home..
and experience the difference.

Company history
The company was conceived in August of 2003 by a nobody. Tim Arnold had a 420 credit score, was severely in debt, and had pushed many of his friends, problems, and belongings into a one-bedroom place. A place that he knew could not possibly be how his life was supposed to turn out.
With a Godly motivation propelling him, he went about studying Real Estate law, the entire Credit Reporting System, and the home buying market as a whole. He obtained business schooling at the University of Cincinnati and several certificates in Hondoros College of Real Estate. Under the mentorship of one of Cincinnati's oldest Brokerages, Mr. Arnold went on to form A & C Properties (dedicated to his two children: Alana & Cydnie, who helped motivate him).
A company was born that would strive hard to help others change their lives in many ways as well; especially by understanding the basics about homeownership and the credit system in general.
Tim Arnold also owns "Lawn Life," a non-profit organization serving the deliquent youth of our communities. Lawn Life has employed nearly 200 young men and women in Cincinnati. Tim Arnold has also spoken at many seminars, events, and churches and teaches a weekend job-readiness class.
Today, even in this tough Real Estate market,
A & C Properties is soley dedicated to helping people own homes, even when they thought it would never be possible. 
Customer testimonials
The house A & C Properties got for us was truly beautiful; a dream that we never thought would happen came true.
Mr. Arnold gave me a job and taught me the in's and out's of the Real Estate business as well as valuable life skills.
-D. Bankhead, 17
Dealing with a mental illness is hard, but they spent an enormous amount of time helping to fix our credit, secure a real good rate, and making owning our first home an affordable reality!
-Ronnie & Joyce
Thank you for helping me get a job, Tim. You are a really cool guy! 
-Antwan J
All glory be to God! We had faith that we wouldn't be stuck in debt and in a rental house for the rest of our lives. Then came A & C Properties. They got $20,000 worth of debt reduced to just $1,500! And we are the proud owners of a beautiful home worth almost $200,000 . . . and its OURS. We love it! And are so thankful. We highly recommend Tim Arnold and A & C Properties.
-The Phillps family